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At Toribio Psych we strive to provide professional, ethical and quality training to all of our associates. We take pride in our evidence based approach to therapy and assessments and want the next generation of therapists and psychologists to be competent wherever they choose to end up [hopefully they stay :)]. 

Therapy Session

Psychological Associates
As a Psych Associate you will receive well-rounded training and preparation in psychotherapy and assessment. We want you to be able to practice anywhere with the training you receive here. You will see patients across the lifespan with different psychopathology for both therapy and testing. 

Associate MFTs, CSWs and CPPs

The goal for our therapists is to have confidence and strength in their abilities by training with well qualified licensed supervisors and work together in a multi-disciplinary practice that allows for growth in a collegial atmosphere. 

Business People Having Fun
Child Therapy

Contact us for more info

Please see our Careers page above, call at 559.271.1186 or email resumé, CV or inquiries to

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